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Printing Plates

We can supply all different types of conventional and CTP printing plates for all different press’s

1. Unique Air Education Layer – Perfect Dot Reproduction
With tiny air education grain on conventional PS plate surface, the vacuuming time during exposure can be greatly decreased, as well as preventing image halation.

2. Unique Photosensitive Coating – High Sensitivity
The unique photosensitive coating consists of world’s first class photographic emulsion and resin, which offers outstanding alkaline resistance, superior stability, high sensitivity and increased adjusting flexibility. The unique photosensitive coating ensures PS plate of unmatched resolving ability.

3. Excellent Hydrophilic Layer – Sustainable Ink-water Equilibrium
Excellent water reception capability speeds up the ink-water equilibrium procedure and helps to reduce water absorption during printing process. The superior water retaining capability of conventional PS plate so effectively prevents non-image areas of the plate from scum and avoids paper distortion.

4. Outstanding Multi Grain Layer – Excellent Performance in Developing
The multi grain layer polishes up the hydrophilic substances of the non-image areas on the plate. This increases the ink-water adjusting flexibility and enhances the developing performance of the tiny dots. This also strengthens the dots’ ability to adsorb the coating layer, which consequently extends the run length of the PS plate.

5. Durable Anodic-oxidized Layer – Extraordinary Run Length
The durable and strong oxidized surface formed after the anodic oxidation process on the aluminium material prolongs the run-length of the conventional PS plate. Anodic-oxidized layer also resists the corrosion of the retouching medium.

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