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DELTA Damping Systems

Delta Dampening

Delta Dampening SystemHow it Works

The unique Delta design utilizes helical gears and positive roller settings to drive the dampening form roller at a slower surface speed than the plate cylinder. The differential motion, called the “Delta Effect” wipes away the foreign particles that cause hickeys, while continuously allowing a fresh charge of ink to the plate.


  • Delta Dampening System retrofits are available for virtually every major press model
  • Form roller operates at a lower surface speed than that of the plate
  • Dampening form roller is separate from the inking system, allowing for the retention of all ink form rollers
  • Separate variable-speed drive motor and water control adjustments
  • Thin film of precisely metered dampening solution is applied as required across the plate
  • Exclusive Epic air-activated oscillating bridge roller reduces ghosting
  • Instantaneous control of ink/water balance


  • Guaranteed hickey-free printing — eliminates downtime, metal waste and sorting time
  • Smoother, denser solids
  • Sharper halftones with less dot gain
  • Cleaner, sharper reverses
  • Sharper, dryer print
  • Tighter screens without plugging
  • Excellent color control and consistency
  • Faster make-readies
  • Increased operator safety
  • Overall cost savings – reduced waste and ink usage, improved press efficiencies
  • Rapid return on investment

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