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Induction Side Stripe Curing Conversion

Induction post curing oven is specially designed as an alternative to the conventional gas or electric heating oven for drying of lacquer or powder side stripe repair. It can easily install over an existing post curing conveyor by simply removing the existing gas burner.

The whole system is comprised of a 6 or 12 meter heating coil, a power unit for generating of 10 or 20KW heating power, output unit to step down the power to the coil and 2 units of water cooler.

The whole system is water cooled but without using a compressor to avoid condensation.

Water is cooled by a fan and the water temperature is maintained at ambient level and flows through the system by a pump built into the water cooler. All setting parameters and monitoring is accessed through the front display of the power unit.

The heating temperature is controlled by adjusting the gap between the heating coil and can body and through the power setting (0-100) of the microprocessor.

Main Features

  • Close circuit water cooled temperature maintained at 50-70ºC to prevent condensation.
  • Easy operation, quick setting.
  • No gas piping needed, does not heat up the surrounding air, does not produce flame.
  • Magnetic field controlled in small circumference, only effective to welding area.
  • No heating to bracket, can body or conveyor, no cooling and no conveyor needed.
  • Heat produced by the can itself, efficiency of converting heat from electricity is up to 90%
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly.
  • Simple installation, install directly on top of existing post curing conveyor.
  • Temperature controllable, suitable for liquid lacquer and powder repair.


  • Power : 380/415V, 3 phase ,50/60 Hz, 10/20 kW.
  • Operating frequency : 80-110 kHz.
  • Speed : 6 meter oven for up to 25 m/min, 12 meter oven for up to 45 m/min
  • Length : 10 kW 6 meter , 20 kW 12 meter
  • Consumtion typical 6 meter 7-8 KWH, 12 meter 17-18 KWH
  • Power Unit : 500 (W) x 800 (L) x 500 (H) mm.

Output Unit : 550 (W) x 900 (L) x 1120 (H)

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